E- Complaint

Sections 51 to 56 of the Wakf Act and Rule 95 of Kerala Wakf Rules deals with encroachment and alienation of Wakf Properties. Sections 51and 52 deals with alienation of wakf property and sections 54 to 56 deals with encroachment in wakf property. On getting information regarding alienation and encroachment of any wakf property actions will be initiated as per the act and rules. There is a Performa of complaint in the Board’s office and the same will be forwarded to the informer / complainant or the mutawalli of the wakf. Rule 95 enquiry will be conducted by the Chief Executive Officer in the case of alienation and a report will be submitted to the Board along with a Board note. In the enquiry if it is found out that the property which is sold is a wakf property the Board will issue order to recover the same and it will be recovered on the basis of the provisions of the Act and Rules. If the matter is encroachment the Chief Executive Officer after conducting enquiry will issue order to remove encroachment if it is found that there is encroachment in the wakf property. On the basis of the said order encroachment will be removed through the procedure in the act and rules.

In case of Alienation or Encroachment of any Wakf property, Please email to ceokl@wakf.gov.in












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