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Kerala State Wakf Board is a statutory  body constituted by the Government of Kerala under the Wakf Act 1995 (Central Act  43 of 1995) several mosques ,kabarsthan ,orphanages ,dargas etc. are registered with this board in addition to the waqf properties. The Kerala State Wakf Board is a body corporate with perceptual succession and a common seal with powers to acquire and hold property etc.

The functions of the Kerala State Wakf Board are: (1) General Superintendence of all  Wakfs institutions and their properties in the State ,(2) to exercise powers under the Wakf Act so as

to ensure that the Waqfs under its superintendence are properly maintain controlled and administered and the income thereof is duly applied to the objects for which such Wakfs are created or intended.

The State Government  appoints a Chief Executive Officer for the Boardin consultation with the Board . Also the Board is empowered by the Act to appoint such number of officers and other employees as may be necessary for performance of its functions in consultation with the State Government under section  24 of Wakf Act,1995. All the employees of the Board are
deemed to be public servants within the meaning of Section 21 of the IndianPenal Code(45 of 1860)




The Head Office of Wakf Board located near Jawaharlal Nehru International stadium  V.I.P. Road, Kaloor,Ernakulam is mainly responsible for the supervision of administration of Wakf institutions and its attached properties spread over the entire State.The Wakf Act, 1995 (Act No.43 of 1995) which came into force on 1-1-1996 by replacing the Wakf Act 1954 intends to provide better administration of wakfs.The Board consists of elected and nominated members from various categories which are mentioned in the Wakf Act.The Kerala State Wakf Board  came into existence in the year 1960 underthe Chairmanship of Jb. P.K.Kunju Sahib (Former minister) And the  present board is the 10th board after its formation.Present chairman is Jb.K.V.Abdulkader (Member of Kerala Legislative Assembly)





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