Chapter VII

Appointment of Executive Officers


80. Appointment of Executive Officers by the Board.- The Board may if it is of the opinion that it is necessary so to do in the interests of the wakf, appoint on whole-time or part-time basis or in an honorary capacity an Executive officer with such supporting staff as it considers necessary for any wakf subject to the following conditions, namely: -

(a) the gross annual income of such wakf shall not be less than five lakhs rupees;

(b) the person chosen for appointment should be a person professing Islam and possess the qualification to appoint to the post of Assistant in the secretariat of the Government;

(c) to settle any new schemes of management for a wakf.

(d) such appointment is necessary for generating additional income to the wakf;

(e) to improve the management and income of the wakf;

(f) the annual salaries and allowances of the Executive Officer and his staff shall not exceed five per cent of the gross annual income of the wakf; and

(g) the appointment shall satisfy all the conditions laid down in the regulations.

81. Powers and duties of the Executive Officer.-

(1) Subject to the direction, control and supervision of the Board the Executive Officer shall administer the property of the wakf for which he has been appointed as Executive Officer.

(2) He shall not interfere with any religious duties or any usage of custom of the wakf sanctioned by the Muslim law.

(3) The salaries and allowances of the Executive Officer and his staff shall be paid by the Board from the wakf fund in the first instance and the Board may claim reimbursement of amounts spent on the salaries and allowances from the fund of the wakf concerned as and when such wakf generates additional income.






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